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Boris Popov boris at deepcovelabs.com
Wed Oct 18 20:20:56 UTC 2006

I've implemented one for our application in the reporting framework by
adding conditional "row actions" to "reports" and rendering them in the
panel at the bottom of the report. Then, I would implicitly add a
"selection" column to the table that contains a checkbox for each "row".
That checkbox knows the "id" of the current "tr" as well as array of
"actions" that need to be disabled if this row is selected. Then an
"onClick" event wires it all together to call a small piece of
JavaScript that adds/removes a "selected" class to the "tr" depending on
the state of the checkbox as well as calls main action panel update
function that goes through all selection checkboxes in the report,
collects all actions that need to be disabled and enables the remaining
ones. It sounds complicated, but it only took a few hours of learning
Prototype (it helps a lot, really) and tweaking the JavaScript until it


As far as making this into a reusable component, I'm sure it could be
done, but its tied with the rest of our reporting right now and I don't
know if I'll ever have time to untangle it :(


Hope this helps,


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Hello all, 


I've been looking at adding a selectable table.  One that has
highlighted rows, highlights rows on mouse over and allows a click to
select the row.


By any chance does this already exist?  Is there a way to add a callback
to tableRow? 


Thanks for your help!


Ron Teitelbaum

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