[Seaside] Text in Header

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Wed Oct 18 23:17:43 UTC 2006

Keith Hodges wrote:
> Brad Fuller wrote:
>> (I sent this to the smallwiki at iam.unibe.ch mailing list but it never
>> showed up in my email. Don't know if the server is down.)
>> Is there a way to easily change the text in the header of Pier to
>> something different than the object created? When editing the
>> environment/header I just receive the option to change the component
>> type and it's name. Obviously, the concept is lost on me.
>> brad
> Dear Brad,
> the text that appears in the header of Pier is the name of the kernel
> that you are currently serving. Therefore the easiest way to change
> the text is to change the name of the kernel.
> If you are by any chance using my latest versions from the pier
> repository then I have provided a Control Panel in which you can
> rename kernels from the seaside ui.
> The control panel appears as a link 'pier' in the dispatcher
> configuration editor /seaside/config i.e. 'pier   configure remove pier'
> If you are not using my latest versions, and you are not using
> PRMagmaPersistency then the code to rename a kernel is:
> (PRKernel instanceNamed: 'oldname') name: 'newName'
Thanks Keith, that control panel could come in handy.

For me, I think the text in the header should be separate from the
kernel name. I followed Lukas's old email advice and changed the
PRHeaderWidget>>defaultTitle method to return the name I wished instead
of the kernel name.


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