[Seaside] Re: WAApplication isDeployed vs. deploymentMode

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 06:16:42 UTC 2006

2006/10/18, Bany, Michel <mbany at cincom.com>:
> > I still don't see the point. Why do you want a counter in you
> > deployed application? Why do you want the dev toolbar in the
> > config application of the . Why can't your build system take
> > care of that?
> Philippe,
> When you want to remove a Seaside application from the image
> you need first to remove their entries from the dispatcher.
> You can use the config tool for that. Next, you should also
> remove the classes you do not want from the image. That may
> be quite complex. Removing the WACounter, the Store demo app,
> the Seaside tests, the WABrowser, the WAInspector, and so on.

This is why you have an automated build / integration system. That
takes care of all that and more like authentication decorations, error
handers, paths, server urls and not seaside realated things like
database settings and memory manager options.

> For my customers, it is considered enough to perform the first
> step and leave the unwanted classes in the image. As long as
> they are not accessible with an url, it's fine. This step is
> automatically achieved by implementing #isDeployed to answer
> true on the class side of the applications you want to deploy
> and to send #trimForDeployment to the dispatcher. This is done
> for WADispatcherEditor and WADispatcherNavigator.
> I also suggested my customers to register at least one application
> (config for instance) with authentication and #deploymentMode
> set to false so that the toolbar is shown. This provides a back
> door for accessing the class browser and the inspector. This has
> helped for debugging headless images.

We don't believe in headless images and this is just another reason why.

If you want a browser just add one. make sure it's not accessible
either via Apache or add authentication. Again an automated build
system can do that.

> IMO, the above demonstrates that #isDeployed and #deploymentMode
> are truely orthogonal. And, yes, renaming #deploymentMode to
> #showToolbar would make a lot of sense.

I have still not seen a convincing example for a deployed application
that needs toolbars on.


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