[Seaside] TableSelectable

Cédrick Béler cbeler at enit.fr
Mon Oct 23 14:48:08 UTC 2006

> Hi Cédrick,
> I think it is possible if you return false from onClick attached to an
> anchor on the link.
> <a ... onClick: "document.location='...'; false">  This would stop the
> onClick from executing in the table row. 
I'll try that and also what Lukas answered (...onClick: (the handler 
action ...) , SUEvent new stop )...but later ;)
> Could you give me some more info on what you did for default click?
I sublclassed WACanvasTableReport to have a "live" table report (using 

I added 3 inst var:
- highlightColor
- selection to store the selected object represented as rows,
- actionBlock to perform an action on the selection (In my case, I 
display the selection in another table)

I also added an instVar hiddenBlock in WAColumn (actually a subclass) to 
show/hide columns (depending of the user status).

Actions in the table are call/answer whereas sorting (clicking header), 
selection (clicking on a row or a check box), and display of the action 
button is live. I will add a batch soon and filters on each columns.

I joined .st files if you want to have a look but this is not really 
nice code ;) ...

See you

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