[Seaside] WAFileLibraryExample not working

Michel Bany michel.bany at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 19:14:48 UTC 2006

> hi. i think latest Seaside could break FileLibrary.
> i was testing the WAFileLibraryExample and noticed
> that there's a "Deprecated Code" red link at the
> bottom of the page. After i've clicked the link shows
> WARenderedHtmlRoot(WAHtmlRoot)>>linkToStyle:
> which i suppose could be a reason why the example
> doesn't works. It works in Seaside2.7a1-pmm.93 but
> it's broken in Seaside2.7a1-pmm.108 and
> there's any fix for this?
> best regards

Hi Joseph,

IMO, there is nothing to worry about.
Detection of deprecated code was added in lr.95 and
therefore was not in pmm.93.
The warning in the tool bar just informs you that FileLibrary
is using deprecated code. This deprecated code is needed
since FileLibrary has to work with Seaside 2.6b1.


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