[Seaside] adding parameters to updater

Ron Teitelbaum Ron at USMedRec.com
Tue Oct 24 22:52:43 UTC 2006

Hi Ramon, 

Thank you for your response.  I've been reading your previous postings.  I
saw your email about evalScripts to someone else earlier.  evalScripts is
for updater not evaluator, I found that out when I tried it.  Thanks for
pointing it out, it will definitively come in handy!


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> > Hi all,
> >
> > Any idea why this doesn't work?  Maybe I do not understand
> > updater.  I'm trying to make this as simple as possible so I
> > can see what it is doing?  It seems like it is working but
> > the javascript is not being evaluated once it is returned to
> > the browser.  Is there a way to see what ajax is returning?
> Bingo, you forgot to tell it to evalScripts!
> html div
>     id: 'ron';
>     onClick: (html evaluator callback: [ :script |
>         		script element
>          		id: 'ron';
> 			evalScripts: true;
>            		addClassName: 'foo' ]);
>     with: 'hello'.
> Ramon Leon
> http://onsmalltalk.com

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