[Seaside] First time user of Seaside+Scriptaculous..

Rick Flower rickf at ca-flower.com
Wed Oct 25 03:22:20 UTC 2006

I loaded the latest versions of Seaside (went up to 2.6b1.103 if I 
recall), SeasideAsync + SeasideScriptaculous(2.6b1.141.0) and in trying 
out the config app and then clicking on the Scriptaculous link, I get
an error as shown below -- it's probably something I forgot to load
since I've never loaded or tried Scriptaculous before.. Any ideas?

Message not understood: #fixCallbackTemps

self	BlockClosure [] in [] in Seaside.SUCounterTest>>renderContentOn:
aMessage	a Message with selector: #fixCallbackTemps and arguments: #()
excpt	a MessageNotUnderstood
resumeValue	nil
inst vars
method	CompiledBlock [] in [] in

outerContext	nil
copiedValues	a Seaside.SUCounterTest
self	new 
aBlock	BlockClosure [] in [] in Seaside.SUCounterTest>>renderContentOn:
inst vars
decoration	a Seaside.SUCreate
canvas	a Seaside.WARenderCanvas
options	Dictionary 
('parameters'->['_s=yznqTFnjppbpdBzt','_k=QpBgTZYm','8'].join('&') )
url	''
callback	nil
id	'counter_id7'

optimized [] in Seaside.SUCounterTest>>renderContentOn:
self	BlockClosure [] in Seaside.SUCounterTest>>renderContentOn:
html	a Seaside.WARenderCanvas
id	'id7'
self	a Seaside.SUCounterTest
inst vars
method	CompiledBlock [] in Seaside.SUCounterTest>>renderContentOn:
outerContext	nil
copiedValues	#(a Seaside.WARenderCanvas 'id7' a Seaside.SUCounterTest)

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