[Seaside] Adding Libraries programatically?

Boris Popov boris at deepcovelabs.com
Wed Oct 25 16:26:13 UTC 2006

| app |
app := (self registerAsApplication: 'online')
		preferenceAt: #useSessionCookie put: true;
		preferenceAt: #deploymentMode put: false;
		preferenceAt: #serverProtocol put: #http;
		preferenceAt: #serverPort put: 9009;
(app libraries)
 remove: WAStandardStyles;
 add: SULibrary;



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Is there a preferred way to check and add a library programmatically?
Since Seaside is holding configuration information in instances if I
don't save the image I lose SULibrary.


I would like to have components that need SULibrary check the
application they are installed in and add the library if necessary or
alternately it would be nice to add the library at the same time as
#registerAsApplication:.  Is anyone doing this or have suggestions on
how this should be done?  I saw that WAApplication libraries has the
information but I didn't find an easy way to get to the WAApplication
for the component from the component itself.  





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