[seaside] caching problem

saza solutions fzak at sazasolutions.com
Wed Oct 25 17:19:31 UTC 2006

Hi all,
  This is the first time I make a submition to the list.
  For the last year and a half I´ve been using seaside in squeak, and built a decision engine application.
  I´ve been experiencing the following: all the gifs appeare mixed up.
  I cache the gifs, putting all the gifs in ScriptingSystem formDictionary, I store the byteArray directly. 
  I realized that the application has been using offline content stored in the temporary files folder. Then, I change Explorer setting to check the version of a page, every time the page is visited (the previous setting was "automatic"). But I continued experiencing the problem.
  Then I realized that the key generated in WAExternalID by means of:
 GeneratorMutex critical:
  [1 to: self size do: [:i | self at: i put: ((($a to: $z), ($A to: $Z)) atRandom: Generator) asInteger]]
  was exactly the same as one located in the temporary files.
  I also saw that WADocumentHandler>>response sets an expiration time to year 2095.
 | response |
 response _ WAResponse new.
 response contents: self mimeDocument contentStream text.
 response contentType: (mimeType ifNil: [self mimeDocument contentType]).
 response headerAt: 'Expires' put: 'Thu, 01 Jan 2095 12:00:00 GMT'.
 fileName ifNotNil: 
  [response headerAt: 'Content-Disposition' put: 'attachment; filename=' , fileName].
 ^ response
Now, I´m attacking the problem in the following ways:
- changes the web browser setting to review page version every time is visited.
  - changed expiration time to a shorter time.
  - changed the way WAExternalID is generated, trying to make it more random.
  Does anybody has another ideas ?, Am I facing the problem correctly ?,
  Thanks in advance,
  I´d like to add that Seside is an amazing and productive framework.

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