[Seaside] First time user of Seaside+Scriptaculous..

Michel Bany michel.bany at gmail.com
Thu Oct 26 08:05:48 UTC 2006

Hello Rick,

> I re-built my image from the VW 7.4nc initial image and now it  
> seems to load & run just fine.. I've adjusted my "reload" text file  
> to indicate that I should load Scriptaculous after Seaside but  
> before SeasideAsync.  Is there any implied ordering I should follow  
> when building up a new image from scratch in the future?  Below is  
> what I'm doing now for my Seaside portion of the loading process now:
> Load SeasideSettings
> Load SeasideForWebToolkit
> Load SeasideScriptaculous
> Load SeasideAsync
> Load SeasideTestingBundle
> Load SeasideImageTools

Good to hear that everything builds fine.
I believe your problems were caused by the prereqs defined in  
These prereqs were causing to reload Seaside from parcels creating a  

As far as I can see, there are only two ordering constraints.
- SeasideForWebToolkit must obviously be loaded before any other  
Seaside add-ons
- SeasideAsync must be loaded before SeasideImageTools
So your load order is fine and is just one of many possibilities.

SeasideSettings can be loaded anytime, either before or after  
everything. When it is
loaded before SeasideForWebToolkit, it becomes possible to configure  
beforehand (either via its UI or programmatically). Then, when  
gets loaded, it will figure out that settings are available and will  
use them, making it
possible to build an image with Seaside in an unattended mode. This  
was an idea
from David Pennell for building images in an automated way.


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