[Seaside] How to return input from in external (non-seaside) form to a WAComponent?

Chuck Kasmire ckasmire at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 27 21:53:52 UTC 2006

I am trying to direct input to a form that is outside
of seaside and then bring that form input back into
the component that 'called' it. In my attempts at
hacking this I have come up with:

  result := self session redirectTo: 'http://       
"this works"

self inform: 'You entered: ', result contents.
"this does not work"

This in fact does bring up my form in the browser. But
the 'inform:' part is never seen.

I defined a subclass of WAEntryPoint and specified its
path as: 'FormInput'
In the form I defined its action as:  

In the WAEntryPoint subclass I defined:

handleRequest: aRequest

	| response s |
	s := WriteStream on: String new.
	aRequest fields associationsDo: [:assoc | s
nextPutAll: '#', assoc key, '=', assoc value; cr ].
	response := WAResponse document: s contents mimeType:

'response' is seen in my Browser. What seems to be
missing is some sort of linkage between the session
and the entry point. Such that the Response created in
the entry point is directed back as an 'answer' to the
origional call to the form.

Am I on the right track? Any suggestions?


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