[Seaside] [ANN] ShoreComponents 3 - back on Seaside

Pavel Krivanek squeak3 at continentalbrno.cz
Sun Oct 29 18:09:23 UTC 2006

Hi all,

till now ShoreComponents used some special technological properties
that helped to solve some general problems of Seaside applications.
Unfortunatelly this properties cased that it was not easy to use
ShoreComponents with standard Seaside applications. It was possible to
use Seaside components in applications based on ShoreComponents but it
was almost impossible to use components from ShoreComponents package
as supplement of other components. So it was not possible to use it
for cooperation with Magritte etc.

The third major version of ShoreComponents makes big step in this area
and I hope that it will be better and better.

Main properies of the next release:
- there's no base component class. Components are now based on
standard WAComponent
- components doesn't require parent reference. They can be created
with classical "new" constructor
- dynamic variables are used for navigation in hierarchy of components
(for specification of target component etc.)
- static files are now provided by standard FileLibrary

This is the first alpha version so it's far from perfect. The main
problem are some form processing issues so some components are not
working well. Also nested forms problem is not solved now. Only
platform independent part of ShoreComponents is converted now.

I hope that you will find it useful and you will find motivation to
improve and extend this set of components and use it in your

download: http://www.squeaksource.com/ShoreComponents/

-- Pavel

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