[Seaside] Space Breaking LiveCallback in IE

Ron Teitelbaum Ron at USMedRec.com
Mon Oct 30 23:10:22 UTC 2006

It does appear to work in IE as long as the space is not there


renderContentOn: html 

            html break.

            html anchor 

                        id: 'advancedSearch';

                        callback: ["noop"];

                        liveCallback: [:h | self toggleSearchType.

                                    self renderContentOn: h];

                        text: (self isSimpleSearch ifTrue: ['Advanced
Search'] ifFalse: ['Simple Search']).

            html div id: 'searchForm'; with: [

                        self isSimpleSearch ifTrue: [self
renderSimpleSearchOn: html]

                        ifFalse: [self renderAdvancedSearchOn: html]].



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Hi Ron,

This is just a test app, but it has a toggle anchor that shows different
search forms. If a form has a table that has table data that only includes a
space the live update fails in a strange way. By uncommenting the alerts on
the #ajax method I saw the error: 

>From your description, I understand that your callback generates a form,
i.e. something like


          liveCallback: [:renderer |


                      renderer form: [ ... ]




I believe this won't work with IE. The #ajax js, uses innerHTML to update
the DOM and I believe

that IE does not allow form tags in this case.

But, maybe, you are trying something else....

This works fine for Firefox. But I also noted that having an alert in the
fireFox code causes the liveUpdate to not work at all.

As far as I can remember, I believe that only the last two alerts are
specific to IE, i.e. the ones sending parseError.




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