[Seaside] Magma on seasidehosting

Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Fri Sep 1 06:59:25 UTC 2006

> I cant see how this fix would work seeing as Magma calls FileDirectory
> exists which calls
> FileDirectory>>primLookupEntryIn: fullPath index: index

Are you sure?

I tried in a test image running in the restricted environment on
seasidehosting.st and I get the following results:

  FileDirectory default exists
    --> true

I've tried the following code on seasidehosting.st and it works
assuming that the directory 'resources' is present:

  (FileDirectory default directoryNamed: 'resources') assureExistence
    --> true

  (FileDirectory default directoryNamed: 'resources') assureExistence

If the directory in question in not there it doesn't work and the
primitive fails. FileDirectory assumes that all parent directories
have to be enumerable if a specific directory should be created, and
this is not the case on seasidehosting.st.

I don't understand right now why my patch does not help in that case.

Though it should be easy to fix the problem by creating the path
manually from the management interface? Then we have the case above
that works.

Keep me updated, I would like to get Magma running on seasidehosting.st.


Lukas Renggli

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