[Seaside] Getting Started with Squeak?

Damien Cassou damien.cassou at laposte.net
Fri Sep 1 16:21:28 UTC 2006

Grant Rettke a écrit :
> Hi folks,


> I’ve got a general question. I wasn’t sure where to post it in the 
> Squeak lists. Since I already subscribe to this list, and I know all 
> of you are very nice, I hope you won’t mind.

This is the right place

> I saw Avi Bryant breezing through the Squeak UI in his talk at OSCON 
> ’06, and it all seemed quite nice. Now it is sort of disheartening as 
> I try to use Squeak and am not even quite sure where to begin learning 
> about Monticello and Magma, let alone try to understand what is a 
> “Project”.

You have some videos:

and free books:

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