[Seaside] [Q] How can I run Comet?

Sungjin Chun chunsj at embian.com
Mon Sep 4 01:23:07 UTC 2006

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It seems that WAListener only can manage comet like persistent(?)
connection - so WAListener can run comet applications but WAKom cannot,
am I right?

Thanks again in advance.

Lukas Renggli wrote:
>> Oh. Then, what's the difference between WAListener and WAKom(and
>> WAKomEncoded)? And why WAListener can run Comet application, but WAKom
>> can not. What I want to know is this.
> - WAKom is directly using the Kom server. It requires the full
> response of Seaside to actually respond to the client.
> - WAListener is implementing its own listening loop. It processes the
> request using the mechanisms provided by Kom but directly streams back
> the result to the socket instead of waiting for Seaside to complete
> the whole request. This is much more efficient as it doesn't require
> an intermediate stream to write too and it pushes the result to the
> browser immediately. Though, as far as I know, it is less tested and
> could potentially be buggy.
> Lukas

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