[Seaside] [ANN] script.aculo.us V1.6.3 (ESUG Conference Edition)

Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 13:03:14 UTC 2006

I just published Scriptaculous with the latest JavaScript code:

Name: Scriptaculous-lr.133
Author: lr
Time: 5 September 2006, 3:01:20 pm
UUID: 441fffd8-9c16-4482-ae8a-ef92b92522c3
Ancestors: Scriptaculous-lr.129

V1.6.3 (2006-09-05): Bug fix galore!

This release comes with the brand-new Prototype V1.5.0_rc1 version,
adds several new features and options to drag and drop, features a
whole new (experimental) way of doing testing, and adds some other
goodies here and there. Also, thanks to the contributors for
identifying and squishing bugs!

Update Prototype to V1.5.0_rc1
	•	Add experimental alternate syntax for unit tests (Behaviour Driven
	•	Merge assertElementsMatch and assertElementMatches from Prototype's
[4986] unittest.js [Sam Stephenson]
	•	Add assertRespondsTo and shouldRespondTo assertions
	•	Make Sortable.serialize handle DOM IDs like "some_element_1"
correctly, fixes #5324
	•	Add support for onStart, onDrag and onEnd events directly on
Draggables (invoked from the Draggables.notify), fixes #4747 [thx
	•	Add autoSelect option to Autocompleters to auto select an entry if
only one is returned, fixes #5183 [thx cassiano dandrea]
	•	Added delay option to Draggables and Sortables, see
test/functional/dragdrop_delay_test.html for usage, implements #3325
[thx lsimon, tomg]
	•	Add version and timestamp to indvidual library files for easier
identification (the files are preprocessed by the Rake
fresh_scriptaculous task), fixes #3015 [thx Tobie]
	•	Add assertIndentical and assertNotIdentical unit test assertions,
which test for equality and common type, fixes #5822 [thx
	•	Add integration test for Ajax autocompleter for results with no
linebreaks, #4149
	•	Added a custom exception to all base effects when used on
non-existing DOM elements, added a assertRaise method to unit tests
	•	Add element shortcuts to Builder that can be activated by calling
Builder.dump() (see the unit test), fixes #4260 [thx napalm]
	•	Make Effect.Puff work correctly for floating elements, fixes #3777
[thx michael hartl]
	•	Fix selection of correct option in SELECT element generated by
InPlaceCollectionEditor for indexed option arrays, fixes #4789 [thx
	•	Fix an issue with redrawing ghosted draggables that are inside a
scrolled container, fixes #3860 [thx gkupps, tsukue]
	•	Fix autoscrolling inside scrollable containers when window is
scrolled too, fixes #5200 [thx wseitz]
	•	Fix autoscrolling when dragging an element unto a scrollable
container, fixes #5017 [thx tomg]
	•	Fix a condition where overriding the endeffect on Draggables
without overriding the starteffect too leads to a Javascript error
[thx Javier Martinez]
	•	Fix a possible error with the drag/drop logic (affects the solution to #4706)
	•	Fix various issues with IE detection and Opera, and setOpacity,
fixes #3886, #5973
	•	Remove revert cache code obsoleted by #4706, fixes #3436 (again) [thx tomg]

Lukas Renggli

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