[Seaside] Developing on a single image between twocomputers

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Tue Sep 5 15:53:11 UTC 2006

> I have access to a server (Debian Sarge) and would like to 
> set up a Monticello repository. THe server has Apache2  etc 
> running on it already. I looked around on wiresong.ca, the 
> Monticello list for some info on how to setup a repository 
> using a headless squeak but couldn't find anything. Googling, 
> I found some postings about OSProcess, VNC etc and running 
> 'squeak -headless' for Seaside, but not for Monticello. Could 
> you please point me to some info on this subject?
> Thank you very much,
> bakki

You know you can use any ftp site as a repository, I've maintained my own
code in an ftp repository for a couple years now, you don't need a
SqueakSource repository.

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