[Seaside] Netstat -l

Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at sympatico.ca
Tue Sep 5 18:15:50 UTC 2006


I am thinking your problem might be what netstat is reporting. I have here, a 
running seaside appliaction on port 9090. I can connect to:


and yet, if I do, on the server where it's running,

netstat -a | grep 9090
netstat -l | grep 9090

it shows nothing. Not immediately sure how to make netstat show the 9090 port


On 2006 September 5 11:27, Chris Cunnington wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have an iBook. It runs Fedora Core 5. I install Squeak and Seaside, so it
> listens automatically on port 8080. I can see this when I type "netstat -l
> | grep webcache" Webcache is what the firewall gui app insists on calling
> port 8080. I can walk across the street to the University of Toronto
> library and type in http://(DHCP generated IP here):8080/seaside/config and
> get the login panel that takes me to my config page, and then to
> Scriptaculous.
> I have a Red Hat Enterprise Server. I start Squeak "squeak -vm display=none
> Squeak3.8[...]&" and it runs. I can see so when I type the "top" command. I
> start Seaside "squeak -vm display=none Seaside2.6.image&", and again "top"
> tells me it's running. I type "netstat -l | grep LISTEN", and I don't see
> any port 8080. If I cross the street to the library and enter http://[my
> static IP]:8080/seaside/config, then nothing happens.
> It's odd what I can do with an iBook, I cannot do with an actual RHES.
> Seaside is not listening on port 8080, for some reason.
> To troubleshoot this problem I have tried opening the permissions for the
> changes files for both Seaside and Squeak. I've tried the "-headless" flag
> instead of "-vm display=none" (though I understand from the Squeak man
> page, that I'm not supposed to do that because it's deprecated.) The RHES
> people providing support are of the opinion that the problem is with the
> application, not the RHES. Since Seaside is not listening on port 8080, I
> believe them.
> I've considered learning how to add a startup script saying WAKom
> startOn:8080, but that shouldn't be required if I've used Seaside once on
> localhost to see webpages. Persistence means it will start in the state it
> was left.
> How do I get Seaside in a server to listen on port 8080?
> Chris Cunnington
> Toronto
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