[Seaside] Re: Amazon EC2

Chris Muller chris at funkyobjects.org
Fri Sep 8 02:23:05 UTC 2006

S3, Turk and now EC2.  What a fascinating set of distributed computing
services!  Do we have a new species of computer here (low-cost virtual
computer)?  What a hopeful enablement for small players!

Wouldn't it be neat if, like Turk, anyone could contribute their own
computer to sell their CPU cycles for a few pennies.  Does annyone know
how it works?  How else can Amazon quickly procure enough hardware to
meet demand fluctuations, while still keeping prices fixed and so
reasonable, I dunno?

I think they'll still need a way to protect free services from huge
download run-ups..  Some way for downloaders to share that cost.

I'm imagining, a computer-network simulating a (super)computer, running
some AI program that, itself, running some compelling AI simulation
that has born its own "society" of objects.  Put a 3d world interface
on it and the Matrix is born!

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