[Seaside] Seaside project ideas?

Jason Johnson jbjohns at libsource.com
Fri Sep 8 14:13:32 UTC 2006

Jason Johnson wrote:
> Kurt Thams wrote:
>> I'll grant that Ruby on Rails is pretty sweet if you are doing an
>> application that displays and edits columnar data taken from an RDB, 
>> but I
>> suspect that sooner or later that same kind of functionality will get 
>> built
>> into Seaside.
> Wasn't this done already?  I would almost swear I have seen a seaside 
> project that did the same thing
> as RoR?
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So I take it, no one can think of something close to Ruby on Rails for 
seaside?  What about DabbleDB?  Can't that do
some database imports and things?

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