[Seaside] how to return to same position in page after #call?

Cédrick Béler cbeler at enit.fr
Mon Sep 11 17:40:26 UTC 2006

> I have a long list of items in a page and for each one
> I have an 'edit' anchor. When clicked this opens up an
> editor on that item. When the editor is closed, I
> would like to have the list page re-display itself
> such that the item just edited is visible. Currently,
> it goes back to the top of the page, so I have to
> scroll down and find it again. 
> Is there a way to return to the same position?
there is a way to do that without scriptaculous too with the latest 
version of seaside. you need to name your item anchors:

html anchor
            name: 'item8';

and then on the anchor that close the editor you add:

html anchor
            fragment: 'item8';
            callback: []

and it should work


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