[Seaside] [SummerTalk] Please try my iCalendar

Yann Monclair yann at monclair.info
Sat Sep 16 16:25:46 UTC 2006


The application can run headless (maybe not for setup yet, but that can 
be fixed easily). This app is running on seasidehosting, and it seems to 
work ok. I still need to add a system to save a snapshot every so often 
(otherwise the changes you do to the calendar are not saved if the image 

There are no notifications for now. I will add that later on, probably 
email notification and maybe a popup notification if a websession is 
active (or on login).

You can upload ics files via the upload interface. I still need to do 
some work on the calendar before I start the user handling. The 
interface is likely to change ( the upload button won't be there all the 
  time for example).

If you want to try it, you can find the code on SqueakSource, project 
ICal-SummerTalk. For the dependencies, I made a post on my blog giving 
the different packages needed (only 3 so far, seaside, scriptaculous and 



Jason Johnson wrote:

> Hi,
> Is this application a smalltalk app that just happens to have a web 
> interface? (that's what it looks like)  I am working on a site now that 
> I planned on using a calender on but it will be a headless image, so I 
> don't want anything to pop up in the GUI that no one can see.  Can this 
> app support that mode, or would it be difficult to scale it down to that 
> level?
> For example, if there is an appointment, then the web app can just check 
> if anything is expired on page load, instead of having a cron deamon 
> implimentation.  And for me I don't need notifications at all, the 
> calender will just be to show others what our schedule is.
> Thanks,
> Jason
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