[Seaside] [SummerTalk] Please try my iCalendar

Jason Johnson jbjohns at libsource.com
Mon Sep 18 19:46:13 UTC 2006

Yes, what a surprise, I was about to ask something like this.

I am moving a band website to Pier myself.  I plan to use a calendar 
component to store the concert dates (including at least one reoccurring 
concert they do).  I don't need the calender to be actually visable.  I 
plan, instead, to have 3 different views on different pages on the 
site.  The first view will be the front page: it will show the flyer 
(stored as an attachment with the concert entry) for the concert that is 
next to be done (this means it will automatically flip to the next one 
after the concert is over).  Another view just shows a little text about 
the next concert.  And the last is the most complicated.  If the user is 
not logged into the site it will show a text/list type display of the 
next 5 concerts, but if a member of the band logs in they get a full 
blow calender so that they can add dates, reoccurring dates, and flyer 
attachments for events (so my auto flip over will work without maintenance).

I was planning to just write it all myself based on Ical (the summer 
talk stuff seems a bit to specialized).  But if anyone else is working 
on this too I would be glad
to collaborate. :)

I haven't decided if I should just add the actual calendar as a 
component and then set the "view" components to point to it (set from 
the settings menu), or do something with class variables or maybe pool 
variables (don't know what those are for yet, I'm a little new. :) ).  
Maybe someone has some ideas, or maybe there is stuff out that will get 
me closer faster?

Thanks all,

Dmitry Dorofeev wrote:
> Hi, good to see calendaring for seaside.
> But on my Mozilla links on top are not visible, becouse of calendar
> table sitting on top of them :-( Some styles issue.
> FYI: I am porting SW2Calendar to latest Pier/Magritte and Seaside 2.6a 
> (in Squeak 3.9)
> So it will be another way to have iCalendar with Seaside/Squeak. May 
> be we can join
> our effort ?
> Thanks.
> -Dmitry.

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