[Seaside] Re: Image shutdown/startup on demand

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Sep 19 23:42:49 UTC 2006

Dear William,
>> What do you mean by "keeping all the images up to date"?
>> I thought you had in mind one image per application (or more
>> than one application), for all users of that application.
>> Are you thinking of one image per user?
> I mean code changes, bug fixes, and other things that you might want 
> pushed out to all similar images.
My current approach to handling this is to put all the data for the app 
in a database. I am using magma. In this case updating code changes and 
bug fixes is just a case of updating the one image, and all users/apps 
deployed servers share the same image. To extend this scheme''s 
usefulness it might be an idea to put the seaside/config configurations 
in the database as well so that they too can be set at runtime. This is 
not something that I have tried yet.

Another more challenging but altogether possible approach might be to 
put the code-base in the magma repository, and have that shared among 
several images. Committing a change to a class, or the whole codebase, 
into the repository can then be automatically replicated across the 
servers instantly (or at a suitable juncture i.e. as soon as they go 
quiet, expire sessions etc.)

how about it?


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