[Seaside] changing components without a complete redraw

Cédrick Béler cbeler at enit.fr
Thu Sep 21 09:20:23 UTC 2006

> I'm trying to figure out how to use Seaside and Scriptaculous to cause 
> components on a page to be redrawn if they have changed from the last 
> HTTP request.  The scenario looks something like:
> html anchor
>          onClick: (html updater
>          callback: [ :render | self changeMe. self otherComponent 
> changeYou. render /renderAllChangedElements/ ]);
>          with: 'Do Change'.
> The existing implementation of SUUpdater does not collect the changed 
> components and push all the changes back to the client at once.  Has 
> anyone done any work to collect all the changes and push them back to 
> the browser (the /renderAllChangedElements/ call)?  If not, I'll be 
> happy to knock something together.
As far as I understand it, SUUpdater only allows to update a tag in the 
page by redrawing it (and eventually it allows to trigger a form 
element). It should be something like below. You need to know the id 
that contain the part you want to update. If several components change, 
you can have several updater with several onClick:.

html updater
            id: 'yourFirstChangedComponentId';
            callback: [:render |
                   self changeMe. your/ChangedComponent renderContentOn: 
render/ ]);

But maybe what you'd like to do is implementing a method 
renderAllChangedElement in WACanvas ?
That seems complicated to me... you need to collect what are the 
components that have their state changed and then redisplay them by 
using updaters ??   Is it what you want ?


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