[Seaside] [ANN] PlotKit 0.9.1

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 18:58:32 UTC 2006

Changes it the JavaScript part:
    * Make Sweet{Canvas/SVG}Renderers respect shouldFill.
    * Fixed ignoring of maximum x and y values when setting xAxis/yAxis.
    * Fixed typo for calculating yrange in Layout.js (thanks to HubrisSonic).
    * Changed SweetCanvasRenderer to use axisLineColor for drawing
lines over background (thanks to HubrisSonic).
    * Fixed bug in y-axis tick drawing (thanks to Cliff).
    * Fixed x-axis calculation bug when xAxisIsZero is false (thanks
to Loic Jeannin)
    * Fixed xTicks drawing that exceed the bounds of the chart (thanks to Cliff)
    * Fixed barchart drawing with only 2 values (thanks to HubrisSonic)
    * Hide pie chart labels of 0% (thanks to Attiks)
    * Added optional field to addDatasetFromTable to include x-axis labels.
    * Updated excanvas.js version to fix possible printing issues.

Changes it the Squeak part:

Layout options and render options were split into different parts.
This makes the Squeak part more consistent with the JavaScript part
and simplifies the code. There are also some new rendering options.
Unfortunately it breaks some code.
Where earlier you had:

aChart layoutOptions aMessage

in some cases you need to change it to:

aChart rendererOptions aMessage

Fortunately the Squeak part - unlike the JavaScript part - is strongly
typed. So you will get a DNU in the places you need to change.

The updated demo can be found at:
IE emulation is now turned on for the demo as well. (Reflection demo
seems to be broken)

PlotKit can be obtained via Monticello from:

    location: 'http://www.squeaksource.com/seachart'
    user: ''
    password: ''


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