[Seaside] Nested Multi-Select-List.

Dario Trussardi dtrussardi at tiscali.it
Sat Sep 23 15:38:22 UTC 2006

Hello All,

i work with VW 7.4.1 and  SeasideScriptaculous (2.6b1.108.0,mbany) from store.cincomsmalltalk.com:5432_store_public.

My objective is create two Multi-Select-List, where,
         when i change the Master Multi-Select-List selection i set the selections of the Slave Multi-Select-List ( with the Master Multi-Select-List selection )

For test my solution i  change the Scriptaculous-Testing-> SUAllTest ->SUFormTest.

The relative method renderMultiSelectListOn: html 
    now is::

renderMultiSelectListOn: html 
 | fid mid idScnCnt mid2 |
 fid := html nextId.
 mid := html nextId.
 idScnCnt := html nextId.
 mid2 := html nextId.
 (html div)
  class: 'label';
  with: 'Nested Multi-Select-List'.
 (html div)
  class: 'control';
    [(html form)
     id: fid;
       [ "Master Multi-Select-List"
         html select
        size: 9;
        list: (1 to: 22);
        selected: mutliSelectList;
        callback: [:value | mutliSelectList := value];
        onChange: ((html updater)
           id: mid;
           triggerForm: fid;
           callback: [:r | r render: mutliSelectList]);
        onChange:( html updater
         id:  idScnCnt;
                     triggerForm: fid;
                     callback: [ :r |     "in this point create Slave Multi-Select-List in second case when Master change"
                                               r render: scnCnt.  ]).

       (html div)
        class: 'model';
        id: mid;
        with: mutliSelectList.
         "  create Slave Multi-Select-List before Master Multi-Select-List change "

         scnCnt:=  html select id: idScnCnt;
                 size: 9;
                list: mutliSelectList;
                 selected: mutliSelectList2;
                callback: [ :value | mutliSelectList2 := value ];
               onChange: (html updater
                     id: mid2;
                     triggerForm: fid;
                     callback: [ :r | r render: mutliSelectList2  ]).
     html div class: 'model'; id: mid2; with: mutliSelectList2.


My problem is , when change the Master Multi-Select-List the Slave Multi-Select-List is not update.

I have note after change the Master Multi-Select-List  and i select the Toggle Halos link the " Slave Multi-Select-List" is correct update.

Where i mistake ?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!


Dario Trussardi Romano.

I have do another solution where the Slave Multi-Select-List is create then the Master Multi-Select-List selection change.

In this case all functions but when i select the Toggle Halos link the Slave Multi-Select-List is lose.

Is this correct operation ?

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