[Seaside] scriptaculous Multi-Select-tree support

Dario Trussardi dtrussardi at tiscali.it
Sat Sep 23 16:27:21 UTC 2006

Hello All,

i work with VW 7.4.1 and  SeasideScriptaculous (2.6b1.108.0,mbany) from store.cincomsmalltalk.com:5432_store_public.

i send again my question :

I have see scriptaculous SUAllTest.

In the scriptaculous FORM  tab i have see the Multi-Select-list elements.

Now i'm interested to work with Multi-Select-tree support ( with multi select option  and correct position on the last item select  when redisplay).

For now i use WATree but this not support multi select items, and when renderContentOn: it, the position display start always to the root of the tree.

At my first e-mail Lukas answer:

<    I don't understand what you exactly mean by multi-select-tree support.    

<    Do you mean a select-list with indented items? 
         (  yes. Is it the only solution on the XHTML for implemetn tree view? )
<   If you do so, then
<    check out the archive of this mailing-list, there were a couple of
<    discussions about this.

    ( I' have sarch in my mailing-list archive but i d'ont found never about my problem ).

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!


Dario Trussardi
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