[Seaside] [Magritte] Persistence for descriptions

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Mon Sep 25 18:46:12 UTC 2006


> Hi everyone.. i'm new in the Squeak/Seaside/Magritte world.. and i  
> really like it


> I thinks it's great the work you people are doing and eventually i  
> would like to contribute in any way..

Excellente there are plenty of things to do and have fun with.
> In the meantime i'm trying to use Seaside/Magritte for some  
> projects, but i have a newbie question..
> how can i implement persistence in Magritte in a simple way? Saving  
> to the image? How often? Is this safe enought?

usually for a snapshot you should save multiple of them with  
different name 01 02 10.
This is safe but some people are working on a database back end using  
Magma. Esug is also trying to get a XML back end (but
so far nothing there).

Impara pubslihed in their source a back end for XML.

> Thanks in advance
> Humber

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