[Seaside] Authentication in Seaside

Humber Aquino humberaquino at gmail.com
Sat Sep 30 19:24:37 UTC 2006

Hi Seasiders! I have a little question about a way  to do some
authentication in Seaside. I looked the configuration page and I found an
Auth decoration. I give it a try but it gave me ´an all or nothing´
solution. To access the whole application I have to enter the user name and
password just like the Seaside configuration.

I need to give some access to, for example, an admin user type and restrict
others (student users). Lets say the application needs to have three types
of users. Admins with all the privileges, students with some privileges but
restrict others, and a normal user as a simple viewer (he/she can't change a

Is there a recipe or some guidelines to make this in a simple and elegant
way, perhaps with decoration I think? I´m a little lost here.

Thank for the help!
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