[Seaside] WAHtmlRenderer or WAHtmlCanvas?

Marco Primi marco.primi at lu.unisi.ch
Sun Apr 1 18:40:26 UTC 2007

i started to work on a simple application with seaside almost a month ago, 
currently i'm subclassing WAHtmlCanvas and using it as 'rendererClass' for my

My goal was to extend seaside to render SVG graphics inline, generating it
inside xhtml, and this has worked fine so far

However, trying some examples from the seaside official documentation, 
for example:
html form:
  [html text: 'Name: '.
   html textInputWithValue: person name callback: [:val | person name: val].
   html break.
   html submitButton]

results in an error, since methods like #textInputWithValue:callback: are
implemented in WAHtmlRenderer which is not in my hierarchy.

Searching in this list i found a message from a couple of years ago that says 
"WAHtmlCanvas is still under development, don't use it" 

What is the state of development today? Is WAHtmlCanvas ready to be used?
if so, what is the equivalent of #textInputWithValue:callback: with the new API?


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