[Seaside] [VW] Seaside/GIF package

Ken Treis ken at miriamtech.com
Wed Apr 4 00:35:55 UTC 2007

Hi Michel,

I published a one-off version of your Seaside/GIF package in the  
public store.

I'm working on implementing a Seaside server for Hyper (the  
lightweight sever core of Swazoo). Since I use Apache2 as a front- 
end, I don't need the server to serve anything other than Seaside.

Since the GIF support package had all of its packages in the Swazoo  
namespace, and I didn't want to load Swazoo, I moved them all to the  
Seaside namespace instead. That's the only difference between  
2.6b1.41-ken1 and 2.6b141.

Ken Treis
Miriam Technologies, Inc.

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