[Seaside] Why seaside really sucks! COMMMMMMMENTS are MISSING

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Thu Apr 5 20:31:53 UTC 2007

This is not easy for me to say that because I appreciate the work of  
Avi, Lukas and Philippe.
But I'm sorry to say that but seaside sucks! Not because of the code  
or the concepts.
But because there is really not enough comments. Really! It is really  
difficult to understand a simple
method is doing and if it makes sense to specialize it.

This is TERRIBLE since I think that I'm a good programmer but seaside  
code prevents me to
be fully efficient. I have to guess try and error and guess again. I  
have to ask stupid questions to the mailing-list
while I would prefer to use it for  interesting questions. I think  
that seaside goes even against the philosophy of
Smalltalk (a system that someone alone can understand) because this  
total lacks of
comments is TRAPPING me. I cannot use my skills full speed. Thanks  
what a great feeling.
pleaseeeeeee do not tell me to read the code or to use senders! This  
is really the worse answer I can get.
I always hated this kind of answer on smalltalk forums.

(Please do not ask me what I'm doing to improve the situation because  
people knows what I did
for seaside and Smalltalk already.)

I think that as a community we should do something especially since  
we have monticello
and comments could be easily merged.

I pushed a lot seaside and I'm trying to push it again further but  
come on we should WAKE UP!
I would really like that people with knowledge helps improving the  

So if you think that seaside is cool and it is worth more, spend 30  
min of your precious time and
add comments, help lukas and the other to make Seaside really a  
habitable piece of code.

Comments are for people that do not know or remember. So if you  
really want to make the community
grow you know what you should do. But may be it is better that  
seaside stays a cool program for a nice and
private club after all.


PS: I should say that filelibrary is a good start at documenting a  
functionality. May be adding method comments
would help there too.

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