[Seaside] Usage of Canvas' #select and #labels

Rick Flower rickf at ca-flower.com
Sun Apr 8 07:19:24 UTC 2007

Rick Flower wrote:
> Philippe Marschall wrote:
>> html select
>>    beOptional
>>    list: orgs;
>>    on: #orgId of: self;
>>    labels: [:org | org name ];
>>    optionalLabel: 'Select One...'.
> Well.. This works fine for regular times when using regular callbacks 
> but fails when using a liveCallback (care of SeasideAsync) as the 
> index is off by 1.. I'll see about making a fix to do the right thing 
> when I'm a bit less tired..  I guess we need to teach it about the use 
> of beOptional and friends.  Once that is done then it should work ok.
OK -- here's a quick fix to the SeasideAsync version of #liveCallback.. 
This version fixes the issue but only for single selections -- not 
multiples -- I've got no code that uses multiples currently and am not 
really sure what modifications need to be done at this point.  Perhaps 
someone could make the relevant updates for that case?  Anyway, below is 
the modified code -- feel free to change the logic, but it seems to work 
in my case.

liveCallback: liveBlock
    | uri id realEach|
    id := self ensureId.
    liveBlock fixCallbackTemps.
    uri := canvas
                urlForLiveAction: [:event :h |
                    | values value |
                    values := event value asArray collect:
                                [:each | (self isOptional)
                                            ifTrue:  [ realEach := each 
asInteger - 1]
                                            ifFalse: [ realEach := each 
                                            list at: realEach].

-- Rick

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