[Seaside] WAAsyncHtmlRenderer and CSS

Sebastian Heidbrink sebastian_heidbrink at yahoo.de
Tue Apr 10 10:25:23 UTC 2007


I'm using Squeak 3.9 and Seaside 2.7.
On my site I have a mainframe including header, menues and a subframe with content.
The mainframe has WARenderCanvas as rendererClass.
One of my subframes needs to be updated several times. Therefore I decided to use the SeasideAsync package and set the rendererClass to WAAsyncHtmlRenderer.

Two problems appear.

First, the content of the AsyncSubframe is only shown when its registered as application and shown as a single site without my mainframe. Embedded in the mainframe it doesn't appear.

Second, everytime the AsyncSubframe ist rerendered, I want to change the cssStyleSheet. Therefore my asyncDiv looks like that:

"renderContentOn: html 

html divNamed: 'XY' with:[:event: h | self updateSomething.
                                                    h style: self updatedCssStyleSheet.
                                                    self renderTheNewContentOn: h] every: 5 seconds."

I tested the updatedCssStyleSheet-thing with a non-async-rendererClass and the contents was shown in the Css-Viewer of the webframework and the site works fine. But using it async it isn't.
It works but position information isn't recognized properly.
Inside of updatedCssStyleSheet there are 'position: absolute'-Css-desciptions and the needed 'position: relative'-Css-desciptions is declared in an 'XY'-enclosing div-tag but the position information is ignored. As I said, it works static, but periodic it doesn't. 
Is there any other posibillity to change the style periodic?

And one more question.
Porting a site from not-async to async is a little circumstantial. Why is there a different naming for things meaning merely the same? div id: ; with: and divNamed: with:, for example.
Ah. And one more thing. I couldn't load Seaside 2.8a with SeasideAsync. Will there be any changes in future?

Thanks and Cheers!
Sebastian Heidbrink 

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