[Seaside] WAAsyncHtmlRenderer and CSS

Sebastian Heidbrink sebastian_heidbrink at yahoo.de
Wed Apr 11 06:37:25 UTC 2007

Hi Michel,

Well, you were 100% right, thanks for your comprehensive help!

  It should work, did you add the Async library (WAAsyncScripts) to the mainframe ?

  Runnung "WAComponent allSubclassesDo: [ :each | each initialize ]." removes the library again after adding a new application, doesn't it? ;-)
  Beginners mistake, I would say. It was reawlly missing and now it works.

  No, this will not work. The async javascript does not process the <style> elements that you include in a live callback.
  You should rather play with css class instead and add the corresponding selectors to your main style sheet.

  html div 
  id: 'XY';
  refreshWith: [:event :h | ...
  h div class: 'periodic'; with: [self renderTheNewContentOn: h] ] every: 5 seconds.

  As a side note, the async javascript does process the <script> elements that you include in the live callbacks.

  I hadn't the time to check this out, yet. I'll have a look later.

  If you use WAAsyncRenderCanvas rather than WAAsyncHtmlRenderer things will look consistent.

  Seems like I stumbeld over the "wrong" or better too old examples. It's a pity that WAAsyncRenderCanvas examples are still quite few available. 

  SeasideAsync supports Seaside 2.6 and 2.7 and has not yet been updated for 2.8.

  I had trouble with 2.7 regarding the "form"-bugfix of Boris Popov and just tried the 2.8 finding out whether my code or seaside had a bug. 2.8 looks great by the way! 

  What kind of drawing-library are you guys using for temporary image generation on squeak? 

  Thanks again!
  Sebastian Heidbrink
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