[Seaside] Don't load Seaside 2.8 (yet)

Sau Sheong Chang cssheong at pacific.net.sg
Wed Apr 11 07:33:56 UTC 2007

I second Ramon's suggestion! I think this will also alleviate the  
other big headache Smalltalk/Seaside learners like myself have in  


http://blog.saush.com - brain dump

On 10 Apr 2007, at 11:43 PM, Ramon Leon wrote:

>> To give an update on the status:
>> - Cleanup of WARoot, WADocument and friends.
>> - Tests and much more comments for WACanvas, WABrush and friends.
>> - Better and more efficient encoding of URLs and XHTML.
>> - Got rid of WAHtmlRenderer and all its former users.
>> - Removed unused code.
>> Still ongoing are the following tasks:
>> - We are working on major speed optimizations, depending on
>> the application Seaside 2.8 is already up to twice as fast as
>> earlier versions.
>> - I am currently investigation ways to reduce the per session
>> memory consumption. No figures available yet.
>> - The responsibilities of WARenderer, WARenderLoop,
>> WASession, WARenderingContrext are not clear. Especially the
>> session contains a lot of request related things, that should
>> not be there.
>> - New implementation of state backtracking.
>> Cheers,
>> Lukas
> All this stuff sounds great.  Given that you're a core developer,  
> much of
> this stuff would make good post material for your blog.  I'd sure  
> love to
> read about your experiences, good and bad, and get more insight  
> into the
> thinking behind the changes.  Maybe even invite some of the other core
> developers on as guest bloggers to write about their trials and
> tribulations.
> For any of you core developers who don't already have a blog,  
> you're more
> than welcome to be a guest blogger on my blog, onsmalltalk.com.
> I can't think of any topic I'd rather be reading about on blogs, than
> Seaside.
> Ramon Leon
> http://onsmalltalk.com
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