[Seaside] WAAsyncHtmlRenderer and CSS

Sebastian Heidbrink sebastian_heidbrink at yahoo.de
Thu Apr 12 05:32:50 UTC 2007

Hi Michel again,

Well I had a look and I found a solution to my problem. Including the 
style information to my main style sheet was none, because the main 
style sheet is read once on site startup, as you also mentioned.
Changing the style sheet link via <script> is also no solution.
But I , even so that's not that nice and won't work on Netscape that 
good, just changed my Block like this:

html div 
id: 'XY';
refreshWith: [:event :h | ...
(h div) addStyle: self periodicGeneratedCss; with: [self 
renderTheNewContentOn: h] ] every: 5 seconds.

That works fine, even so I don't know if theres still a better way.

Sebastian Heidbrink

> /No, this will not work. The async javascript does not process the 
> <style> elements that you include in a live callback./
> /You should rather play with css class instead and add the 
> corresponding selectors to your main style sheet./
> /
> /
> / html div /
> / id: 'XY';/
> / refreshWith: [:event :h | .../
> / h div class: 'periodic'; with: [self renderTheNewContentOn: 
> h] ] every: 5 seconds./
> /
> /
> /
> /
> /As a side note, the async javascript does process the <script> 
> elements that you include in the live callbacks./
> /
> /
>> / /

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