[Seaside] Re: Re: How do you show the application in the Web

Cédrick Béler cbeler at enit.fr
Fri Apr 13 12:07:13 UTC 2007

> Hmm... You didn't understand me and I didn't explain well neither.
> For example, in the Visual Works I build a simple "Hello world" 
> application, but I don't want to show it in a dialog box, even though, 
> I want to show it in the Web browser like I can display 
> http://localhost:8008/seaside/go/browse
> http://localhost:8008/seaside/go/counter
> and more, so what have I to do to get it?
you want to make a new entrey point for your app ?
so as to have

2 ways

1 - override canBeRoot
YourComponentClass class >> canBeRoot  ^true 
in the class side of your app (I think you did it), so it appear in the 
drop-down of root component when you create a new entry point from 

2 in the class side initialization of your component, add somethink like

YourComponentClass class >> initialize
self registerAsApplication: 'yourAppName'

but be careful, this method is only executed when you create the class. 
If already created, you should execute it manually.
YourComponentClass initialize     in a workspace

hth ;)


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