[Seaside] Re: Why seaside really sucks! COMMMMMMMENTS are MISSING

Jason Johnson jbjohns at libsource.com
Fri Apr 13 17:11:38 UTC 2007

nicolas cellier wrote:
> Comments should also tell about implicit conventions.
> Remember my post on squeak dev about morphic heading
> I do not know the unit (degrees radians ?)
> I do not know the origin (toward upscreen, right ?)
> I do not know direction (clockwise, counter clockwise ?)
> Reverse engineering the code is not the fastest way to the information...
> As for the first person, remember objects know about themselves, this 
> is called reflexivity (self = ego = I).
> Nicolas
Yes, those are good things that need to be documented.  And no, one 
shouldn't have to dig through source to find out what a method is called 
with.  I'm not against documentation and I'm not against comments.  But 
I mean, just because something is a comment doesn't mean it is good.  It 
is possible to write bad comments as well (e.g. commenting every line 
telling what that line does.  We're not coding in assembler after all).

So to phrase it another way:  Good comments are good, bad comments are 
bad. :)

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