[Seaside] Why seaside really sucks! COMMMMMMMENTS are MISSING

Jason Johnson jbjohns at libsource.com
Fri Apr 13 17:15:32 UTC 2007

Todd Blanchard wrote:
> I'm more interested in class comments - the architectural view.
> Example: WAController - OK what does it control?  How does it fit with 
> WARequest, WAResponse and the rest of it?  I haven't a clue.  
> Actually, I think this class went away in later versions (I'm still on 
> an older version of seaside) but still, I had a lot of trouble getting 
> the point of this class.
> -Todd Blanchard

I agree.  I would expect every class to have a comment (unless the 
classes are clearly a very specialized subclass with a name expressive 
enough that you understand).  For me, that's why they have a comment 
pane and a red "No comment!" message. :)

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