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Luke Ivers technodolt at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 17:43:07 UTC 2007

In the one place I really found any in depth-information, it showed creating
a DB connection each time you wanted to access information stored in a GOODS
based DB... is this the suggested method of retrieving database information?

Also, is GOODS the only suggested resource for storing DB information?  I
see that there is a Postgre DB client written for Squeak, I was hoping to be
able to use some kind of ORM to be able to access a different DB than
GOODS... is that possible?

I intend to start on creating a tutorial as part of my learning experience
(I find that writing down how I did things not only helps others to do the
same things, but solidifies my knowledge of what I'm doing).

I am going to start out attempting to write my own blog software, followed
by a couple of more complex projects, hopefully documenting my each step
along the way.

However, I am at a loss as far as DB connectivity goes... can anyone point
me to a guide on this, or give me a few pointers on how I should be
accomplishing it?
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