[Seaside] How to get the value of a javascript variable?

Michel Bany michel.bany at gmail.com
Sat Apr 7 19:51:29 UTC 2007

> I have some problem integrating this into my application. I've  
> customized the #updateRoot: in my WAMainComponent. From there I add  
> headings ((WAHtmlElement named: 'link') ... attributeAt: 'rel' put:  
> 'stylesheet';) for multiple css's scripts according to the  
> resolution found from your code.
> With your code, WAMainComponent>>initialRequest is executed first,  
> and a new WAResponse is sent (from WAMyMainComponentSession) with  
> the current scripts plus the javascript call to the get browser's  
> info function (self session refreshAfterScript: ...). I don't  
> understand why you cannot use "aCurrentWAResponse" and attached or  
> #nextPutAll: to there instead of creating a new response in  
> #refreshAfterScript:.

Did you notice that two Seaside sessions and three requests are used  
for the handshaking?

> The problem is: It seems I cannot "attach" my custom  
> WAMainComponent headings to the response (or they are attached  
> later?), because the new WAResponse was sent before (?), resulting  
> in my WAMainComponent class displayed without css's styling at all.

I do not quite understand all your explanations.
You may want to post some of your code.

> However, to verify this, I've included some anchors inside  
> WAMainComponent to change the css's dynamically. Reloaded the page,  
> the content is there but "raw" (no style applied), clicked the  
> anchor and....and it worked fine, the style was applied. I deduced  
> the headings are sent, but somewhat after the browser info  
> things...since the respond: method seems a little bit complicated  
> to me, I ask again, is there a way to fix this behavior so the  
> proper headings are included and then the component is showed for  
> the right resolution?

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