[Seaside] Scaling seaside: Added parameter for squeak instance

Norbert Hartl norbert at hartl.name
Thu Apr 19 10:04:18 UTC 2007


I had a post before asking about how to encode a port 
number (of the squeak instance running a web service)
into a cookie name. Phillip was right by pointing
out that the cookie name is not the obvious choice while
users can switch off cookies and seaside is able to switch
to url session handling.

The example Phillip mentioned used a port=[port number] 
parameter in the url. But I don't like to expose more
information about the deployment to the outside. And I
like to have the host also identified.

I added a configuration option to WASessionConfiguration
to switch on/off use of the new parameter. I named it
instance parameter as I think off squeak instances running
on a host/port.

I added an additional method to WAApplication to generate
a parameter. I tried to mimick the seaside appearance as
much as possible. I used to parameter key _i and encoded
the host/port setting into a base64 string. 

I think this could be interesting for people who care 
about scaling seaside through haproxy or the like.

A changeset is attached. 


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