[Seaside] Component class methods doesn't get updated

Dmitry V. Sabanin sdmitry at lrn.ru
Sun Apr 22 17:05:14 UTC 2007


I've been lurking in this list for a couple years, was trying to get  
ready for Seaside, and I think now I'm ready. I'm preparing to start  
a big Web 2.0 project and I've picked Seaside as a platform of  
choice, disregarding my huge Ruby on Rails experience. I believe  
Seaside and Smalltalk are the best technologies around the block now  
and years to come.

I'm trying to make a small project (blog engine) for now, just to get  
a taste of it. Unfortunately I've encountered some strange problem,  
that prevents me from doing anything serious even on that stage.  
First of all, I'm using latest non-commercial VisualWorks, and  
Seaside port version 2.6b1.30.

I've derived a class RootComponent, from WAComponent. I've set class  
method canBeRoot to return true, and I registered that class through  
Add path form in Seaside web config panel.
Then I tried to overwrite rendering method to use canvas, with no  
luck - it seemed to ignore my method at all. I also tried to change  
page title, by overwriting updateRoot: class method, and still no  
luck. Seaside seems to ignore this. I tried removing component from  
Seaside admin panel, and adding it again with another name, no luck  

I'm wondering if Seaside somehow cached my class in it's insides?  
But, I thought, Smalltalk and Seaside are all about dynamics and ease  
of change, so probably that doesn't make much sense.

I'm attaching file-out of the whole class, maybe some of you guys  
could easily spot what I'm doing wrong here. I'd very appreciate any  

Thanks in advance!

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Dmitry Sabanin

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