[Seaside] Cant custom different styles for input tags

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Tue Apr 24 12:46:43 UTC 2007

Hi there,
    In the search of making a little login component and, once logged on, a
bigger input tags style I've found this:
WAFormInputTag>>with: aBlock
 self type isNil ifFalse: [
  self attributes at: 'type' ifAbsentPut: [ self type ].
  self class: self type ].
 super with: aBlock
    which means that one can't use an arbitrary css class for input tags.
How is supoused to custom the view of tags that had harcoded the css
classname? Manipulate text is just too much for a case like this. If I set
the css "text" class to be like one wants it compromises all the text inputs
and one can't customize different styles in the same application (except if
one manipulate dinamically the styles library).
    In the other hand, if, for instance, one makes:
    renderContentOn: html
    html form:[
        html textInput 
            class: 'adminLogin'; 
            value: ''; 
            callback: [:v | login _ v];
    the adminLogin css class end up concatenated with a 'text' string (I
presume taken from the harcoded #type of the tag).
    I'm not sure yet but, after a quick look, I think that there is
functionality envolved with those harcoded css classes.
    any pointer? 
Sebastian Sastre

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