[Seaside] Seaside with PHP (sort of)

William Harford seaside at harford.org
Wed Apr 25 05:13:28 UTC 2007

I have done a couple of largish projects in Seaside and Smalltalk  
(both Squeak and VW). Personally I love Smalltalk and Seaside but I  
have had a fair amount of trouble convincing any number of  
programmers of the relative merits of Smalltalk. Even amongst the  
small group of squeak enthusiasts here is Toronto convincing them to  
use Smalltalk in a commercial environment is an uphill battle.

The ideas embodied in Seaside on the other hand are met with much  
more excitement. Smalltalk, to a large amount of people, is an  
insurmountable hurtle. In the spirit of open source I blatantly  
ripped of Seaside and implemented a number of it's ideas with PHP in  
a project call Phaux.


Phaux does lack continuations. In it's place is a mechanism for  
calling dialogs with a callback when the dialog answers. It should be  
possible to implement continuations in PHP but I just, at this point,  
think the complication would not be worth it. It would be a nifty  
addition to Phaux I just don't want to do it :-).

What I have not decided is if what I might give up developing with  
PHP is worth what I might gain (more programmers who are comfortable  
with PHP). I also have not decided if Seaside and Smalltalk are  
separable. For example loosing code blocks does somewhat damage the  
beauty of canvas.

What other projects projects out there have taken Seaside's ideas and  
reimplemented them in other languages/platforms. Was it sucessful?  
What was the trade offs that were made ? Was it worth it?

Thanks Much
Do I dream of electric sheep?

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