[Seaside] Still Unable to Display an Image

dirk newbold dirkdirk at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 08:37:51 UTC 2007

Hi All,

I posted the question below last week and although I had may tips (a lot
went over my head) I am still unable to display an image in a webpage
generated by Seaside.

I have tried all sorts of variations on the 'image' method but still can't
get the method to find the image "Which dir do I place the Image?" - I have
been able, through the 'style sheets' to get the height, width and a border
around where the image should be but I am just left with the old 'red cross'

I am using Cincom Visual Works 7.4.1nc with the 'SeasideForWebToolKit',
'VisualWave' and 'WebToolkits' parcels loaded.

When I investigated the server created by VW: http://localhost:8008 and went
to the configuration page for 'seaside' the Home Directory
:$(VISUALWORKS)/web/examples, was displayed which through me off track for a
while as Seaside must really be overriding this path as when, just by
coincidence I pressed the submit button the $(VISUALWORKS)/web/examples
actually became the Home Directory (and was actually able to pick files up
from there) but then none of the Seaside webpages would load and I had to
reinstall a previous VW Image.

Could someone please set me straight as I am so frustrated?

Original Post:

I am just trying to display an image in a webpage. Originally it was
generated by a html file but now in Seaside (renderContentOn: html).

e.g. the image is located at:
c:\Program Files\Cincom\vw7.4.1nc\web\examples

With html and having the image located in the same dir as the html file I
<img src="memberMail.gif" alt="Email Member"/>
Which displayed the image in web page generated by that html file.

I just can't figure out how to do it in Seaside.  I have been fine with all
the other facets of converting my html files into Seaside but for some
reason I can't figure this out - I'm afraid I'm just a beginner in


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