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Michel Bany michel.bany at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 09:52:02 UTC 2007

Hi Dirk,

Assuming that
(1) you have a standard Seaside install, as you said,
(2) you have a file named 'memberMail.gif' in folder c:\Program Files 

(a) you should be able to see you picture when pointing your browser to
(b) you should also see it at
(c) you should also see it as part of a Seaside component if the  
rendering code contains
	html image: '../memberMail.gif'

Regarding the configuration of the sites, you would need to read the  
WebToolkit documentation.
This is a pdf document named 'WebAppDevGuide.pdf' and located in the  
doc folder.
The document explains how to sites are defined using *.ini files in  
the web folder.

You will then notice that the 'seaside' site is not defined using an  
*.ini file.
Instead it is created programmatically during the installation of  
Seaside to minimize the amount of setup for beginners.
It is also recreated each time you bring up your VW image.
The code that creates the 'seaside' site can be found in method  
In this method you will notice this statement
	configParameters at: 'directory' put: default directoryName.
which means the the home directory of the 'seaside' site is the same  
as the home directory of the 'default' site.
See in 'default-site.ini' directory = $(VISUALWORKS)/web/examples
This remark should explain (b) above.

An advanced Seaside user will probably setup Seaside sites using the  
*.ini files.

To define a Seaside site using an *.ini file, you will need to create  
a new file, say 'mySite.ini'
with some contents like this
directory = D:/mySite
environment = MyNameSpace
description = My Seaside site
home = startpage.html
app = servlet/SeasideServlet
Next you will need to update the 'webtools.ini' file to include that  
mySite = mySite.ini
Finally, you will need to force WebToolkit to reread its config files  
by going to
and follow the instructions, or go directly to

Place your static files in the folder defined in the mySite.ini file  
(directory =)

Once this is done you can go to you site using

Let me know if this helps,

> I posted the question below last week and although I had may tips  
> (a lot went over my head) I am still unable to display an image in  
> a webpage generated by Seaside.
> I have tried all sorts of variations on the 'image' method but  
> still can't get the method to find the image "Which dir do I place  
> the Image?" - I have been able, through the 'style sheets' to get  
> the height, width and a border around where the image should be but  
> I am just left with the old 'red cross' icon.
> I am using Cincom Visual Works 7.4.1nc with the  
> 'SeasideForWebToolKit', 'VisualWave' and 'WebToolkits' parcels loaded.
> When I investigated the server created by VW: http://localhost:8008  
> and went to the configuration page for 'seaside' the Home  
> Directory :$(VISUALWORKS)/web/examples, was displayed which through  
> me off track for a while as Seaside must really be overriding this  
> path as when, just by coincidence I pressed the submit button the $ 
> (VISUALWORKS)/web/examples actually became the Home Directory (and  
> was actually able to pick files up from there) but then none of the  
> Seaside webpages would load and I had to reinstall a previous VW  
> Image.
> Could someone please set me straight as I am so frustrated?
> Original Post:
> I am just trying to display an image in a webpage. Originally it  
> was generated by a html file but now in Seaside (renderContentOn:  
> html).
> e.g. the image is located at:
> c:\Program Files\Cincom\vw7.4.1nc\web
> \examples
> With html and having the image located in the same dir as the html  
> file I used:
> <img src="memberMail.gif" alt="Email Member"/>
> Which displayed the image in web page generated by that html file.
> I just can't figure out how to do it in Seaside.  I have been fine  
> with all the other facets of converting my html files into Seaside  
> but for some reason I can't figure this out - I'm afraid I'm just a  
> beginner in Smalltalk/Seaside.
> Cheers,
> Dirk
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